Ekom Charity registered in UK. Registered charity number: 1152183

We are small group of like minded people who are keen to make a difference to the underprivileged communities in developing countries. We have carried out projects in India over the past fourteen years. Our work has included setting up a free eye camps, a artificial prosthetic limb camps and numerous road safety awareness campaigns. Our aspirations are to extend our work to other under privileged communities in developing countries. We also welcome collaboration with other charitable organisations working towards similar goals.

In 2014, we extended our work to Africa and fully funded three projects which included: treatment for eye related problems; work with the local Leprosy community and the local Albino community.

About 60% of the funding for these projects normally comes from our the three trustees and their friends and family. Other source income includes: musical functions, annual dinner and dance and funds raised through sponsored activities. Ekom’s business model is based on zero operating costs, therefore all trustees and volunteers fully pay for their own travel and subsistence cost during charity trips abroad. 

We have so far set up eye camps in India, Africa and Nepal, prosthetic limb replacement camps and carried out a road safety campaign with the help of local police in several areas of India.

To date we have funded well over 3000 cataract operations, provided limbs for over 2500 people, general cancer screening, worked with schools and spend well in the access of £6000.00 on road safety related projects- main goal gas been to look at preventative measures due to the fact that many people are killed or injured in developing countries because of road accidents.


Special thanks to Nanaksar Charitable Hospital for facilitating the eye camps; Olympus KeyMed for their kind generosity in supplying and shipping roles of high visibility band material to India; Gurudwara Diwan Asthan, Jalandhar for providing the facilities for prosthetic limb camp; Jalandhar Police, Road Safety Team for their cooperation in the road safety campaign. Delhi police for assisting with the road safety campaign in schools in Delhi. CMC Hospital Ludhiana, Viklang Sahayata Limb hospital, EuroClear for their financial support, BJD college (Ludhiana) and numerous other people who have contributed their time for this worthy cause, Lions Club Mwanza Victoria, Tilganga Institute of ophthalmology Katmandu.