March 2024 Ekom’s Surinder and Suku went to India to carry out charity projects. Four camps were organised by the team in collaboration with local charities. These included: work with Guru Nanak Mission Naterheen Ashram near the Town of Phagwara in Punjab. Ekom provided over 100 bed sheets (inc pillow cases), towels, two computers, invertors, slippers, washing machine etc. It was the first time that Ekom supported this charity and the plans are to wok with them in the future to set up eye camps.

The second project was with CMC hospital. We set up an eye camp in a rural village environment within reach of many other small villages in the surrounding areas. over 500 people attended. free food was provided for all. 50 cataract operations were carried at CMC hospital. general health screening revealed that many attendees had underlying health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Few complicated cases were referred to and paid for before cataract surgery. free specs/medical eye drops also issued to many not needing surgery. 

The second eye camp was at Nanaksar Temple in Jugraon. Outreach for OPD was carried out in over ten villages before our arrival in India. Circa 150 cataract operations were carried out by visiting eye surgeons over the period of 7days at the hospital in Nanaksar.  Many patients were issued free specs and eye drops. Once again, general health screening revealed underlying health conditions mentioned earlier.

The fourth camp was at Bharat Vikas Parishad Charitable Trust. Over 150 prosthetic limbs inc callipers, hearing aids, wheelchairs, tri-cycles were fully funded by Ekom Charity together with circa 10 polio correction surgeries. Free food and refreshments were provided at all camps and funded by Ekom.