In 2018, Ekom member Suku Phull organised a team of six volunteers to raise funds for Ekom charity by Trekking to Everest Base Camp. EBC is about 17,500 above sea level. The complete trek took ten days up and down. The team of people comprised mixed ability, some were more agile and fitter than others but we all made it to the base camp and back safely. The combined amount we raised between ourselves was close to  £6000. 


In February 2014, Ekom’s Suku Phull embarked on Trek to the top of Killimanjaro with his cousin Hami Phull to raise funds for the charity. Killi is the highest free stranding mountain in the world at 20,000 feet. The trek took eight days up and down. The team of two chose one of the most scenic and yet hardest  routes, namely Machame route to Uhuru peak. It was a challenging goal but most rewarding in the sense that at every corner, there was a surprise waiting- the landscape changed from a rough and rugged terrain to most spectacular lush green forest and snow capped mountains. The team managed to raise circa £3000 for Ekom.