This year three of Ekom’s members embarked on the charity trip to India

Four eye camps were set up and Ekom fully funded approximately 400 cataract operation, three children’s eye correction procedure (squint); numerous pairs of reading and distance spectacles were free issued; eye drops, etc. Total foot fall at these camps and OPD were somewhere in the region of  4000 – 5000 people. All were given general health screening such as checks for diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

The second project was a prosthetic limb camp. Once again the Ekom’s team worked with a large charitable limb manufacturer and charitable organisation and funded 85 limbs below and above knee, prosthetic arms, tricycles, wheelchairs, crutches and hearing aids.

The third project was to work with the world cancer organisation to fully fund a screening clinic for cancer detection. Three types cancer screening was carried out. An educational video was also shown to raise awareness amongst women for breast cancer. Everyone who turned up at the camp was also given general health screening. 

Ekom’s team also visited an orphanage where young babies and children were cared for by a local charitable organisation. These unfortunate children lost their parents due to road accidents, ill health or just abandoned due to poverty. Ekom provided support funding for their upkeep.